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Year: 2017

Edmonton Photography

Edmonton Portrait- Walking in the sun

Model/HMUA- Kaitlyn Pollard I had been suffering from pretty low energy lately, and my shooting had gone full stop because of it. Because of this […]

Edmonton Cosplay photography

Dark Witch

Model- Rebecca -Aetherium Cosplay HMUA- Kyle Pollack Holy its been awhile since I have posted any new content! The reason why is sometimes it gets […]

Portrait- Kseniya Kapustsina

Model/HUMA- Kseniya Kapustsina   I first saw photos of Kseniya a long time ago, and thought to myself  “I gotta shoot with her”, but never did […]

Edmonton Portrait Photography

Portrait- Jessica Dubauskas

Model/HMUA- Jessica Dubauskas I decided a little while back that I’m really lacking in the normal portrait stuff, no major planning, no carrying lots of […]

Still Life Photography

The Ashen Rose

  Redo Edit* When initially creating this post, I had a bunch of photos to show how I did it, unfortunately with my website crash, […]