Still Life Photography
The Ashen Rose

Redo Edit* When initially creating this post, I had a bunch of photos to show how I did it, unfortunately with my website crash, the photos have been lost

So I found this display case that I’ve been looking for and needed to come up with a what I could put inside it that would make it interesting, and give it a fantasy element. At first, I really wanted to avoid the rose cliche as anything that has a rose in a case people immediately think beauty and the beast, but I couldn’t think of what could go in this case and was interesting, and cheap. One day the idea came to me of a grey rose, grown in ash, and surrounded by hot embers, it’s still a rose, but I thought it was different enough to separate the concepts a bit. I chose the name “The Ashen Rose” as the rose is both grey in colour, and surrounded by ash.

I began with taking my table, and putting a box on it then covering it with a black sheet I have. After placing a few things, I learned I needed to fill the foreground with something, so I needed rocks and a bunch of them, so I went and dug up a bunch of rocks, and gave them a quick bath, which they loved.

My original thought for this was to use the base that came with it  and use wire to wrap around the rose and remove it later in post, but after a few shots, I really didn’t like it with the base, so I got rid of it and just poked the wire through the fake grass.

I used a flash directly above the table pointing down, as the reflection from the glass was interfering from the other angles, and it was covering part of the rose, which really gets in the way when editing it out. I also had these little LED lights on a string that I put under the rocks to give them a neat glow, and add to the magical feeling.

For shooting it, I attached my camera and shot tethered while it was on a tripod, I needed to as I had to lift up the glass case, light a small piece of paper on fire, cover it, and then hit the button, to capture the smoke and embers from them. If you don’t know what tethered shooting is, it’s when you use a program like Adobe Lightroom, and attach your camera to the computer, to be triggered by the computer, and have the files directly loading to the drive/program, to let you see what it looks like with different edits instantly, to give you an idea of what looks good, and what needs to change.