Model/HUMA- Kseniya Kapustsina


I first saw photos of Kseniya a long time ago, and thought to myself  “I gotta shoot with her”, but never did as I was really focused on other things. Fast Forward to a month ago, I was thinking I really need to update my outdoor portrait stuff, and Kseniya shoots me a msg through IG about us shooting together, and it was perfect timing. It took a couple rescheduling, but it happened and it worked out great. When I arrived to the location; a popular place for photographers, called MacTaggart Sanctuary in Edmonton; the weather was great, the light was perfect, but I forgot one thing…bug spray. The mosquitioes were pretty brutal, and as a man who is allergic to them; they are the bane of my summer existence, and felt bad that she had to stand there while they swarmed. In the begging they weren’t  too bad, but by the end they were everywhere, so now I have a couple of cans in my car, not making that mistake again. I’m sure my friend Aureanna is shaking her head somewhere, she would always give me heck about not having cans in my car.  Now because of the mosquitoes I didn’t get to go where I wanted to go, but I made do and Kensiya was a trooper for sure. I am happy with these shots, and now I gotta move on to the next shoot. Got a my aunts wedding to shoot, and thinking of the next idea,  maybe something dark and awesome, with some dry ice.