Edmonton Cosplay photography
Dark Witch

Model- Rebecca -Aetherium Cosplay

HMUA- Kyle Pollack

Holy its been awhile since I have posted any new content! The reason why is sometimes it gets hard to post new stuff on social media for me as I’m more of a live in the moment type, but I am glad to be sharing these cause I have been wanting to for awhile.

Anyway lets get to it.

So this all started when my brother told me that he was doing a practice run on make-up for a Haunted House thing in Edmonton called Deadmonton. Every year it gets put on for the month of October and Halloween, and its normally jam packed with people waiting to get in, and this year they were having a trial “interview” for make-up. My brother has done it for a couple years now, but to be fair he had  to go through the challenge as well. The challenge was they had 15min to set up and 45min to complete the look that the make-up artist was going for (the design was up to the artist), so time was limited, which is why he was having a trial run. Now he told me about it and said I should take photos once he was done, and I thought I could get some cool photos so I agreed. It had been awhile since we worked together, I think around 2 years actually, and normally when we work together we do something dark and menacing and this is no different, definitely the darkest thing I have shot in awhile.

For this shoot I was debating how I wanted to do it, as I was not sure about how the make-up would look like in the end, or the outfit. I had contemplated doing it outside, but that adds a lot of struggle and wasn’t really up for it, nor was I sure it was gonna fit with Kyle’s concept, so I just stuck with indoors. I then decided that having a red gel would really make it pop, as gels are slowly becoming my favorite thing to have with my photos, and it worked fantastic. I used one flash (no fill light) for this shoot, to create a dark, contrasty look,  and that combined with the gel, gave it a more striking look.

Rebecca did quite well with the dark, kinda creepy nature of this shoot, she was easy to direct, and also new how to go with the flow and pose herself. The best models are the ones that can take direction, but also go with the feeling, and act out the character, or work their body the right way, and have an understanding what makes the best poses for the situation, at least that’s my opinion.

Edmonton Cosplay photography

What she is holding is a foot my brother made like 3-4 years ago, and it is always creepy, and always adds a kind “WTF’ factor to the photos.


Video of my brother applying the make-up to the model