Alberta Orange Sunset


I have been quite busy these past 3 weeks, shooting lots, editing photos, and making music!  so I have lots to show!

First up is a project of mine that I shot over about a week and a half, which is a time-lapse video of crazy skies around Edmonton, Alberta. I have seen a lot of cool time-lapses, and I have always wanted to create my own, I just had to wait for summer to come around before I could do anything. I originally had no plan to create a video, and my first few times out shooting was just for practice/fun. Shortly after I took a two week “vacation” and decided to commit and fulfill a goal I have wanted to do for quite sometime. I got a bit lucky, as almost everyday in the beginning had awesome cloud formations, and I would spend upwards of 5-6 hours shooting/driving some days capturing some pretty cool shots. When I wasn’t shooting, I was editing and turning my photos into video, as well as making the music that accompanies the video. Needless to say it was a large project.

My whole process for creating this was after I turned the photos into videos, I started to split the scenes into various lengths, and playing with positions, and arranging it into something captivating, and once I had kind of a framework, I knew the feeling I wanted to give, and that’s when I started to make the music. Once the music was created I then adjusted the video to match the music and as you’ll see below is the final product.

The few photos I have included are a frames from various scenes that I captured.