Corey Pollack Photography
Patricia Stables

Model- Patricia Stables

Makeup/concept- Nelly

Just in time for Halloween.

I shot some cool makeup with my friend Patricia that involved a lot of rhinestones and glue. This kinda shooting is pretty easy to do, as there aren’t too many challenges you face, it is mostly about getting the lighting right, and making your life easier in Photoshop by catching the stray hairs, and falling off gems before taking a shot, and Patricia knows how to work the camera so not much guidance was needed from me either. We initially had a black wig for this concept, but the purple wig was much more glamorous and fitting of the look, as well as, black on a black background can create problems in post-production.

The real challenge with this shoot was the post processing. There was a lot of stray/cross hairs, that I didn’t even see when shooting, and I try to be pretty observant on those kinds of things. For those not in the know, cross hairs are just strands of hair that cross over other the main body of hair making it look messy and it can cheapen a look if you want to look glamorous, so fixing those really added to the time. As for skin retouching, it was actually a lot easier because a lot of the skin is covered in paint, so a lot of timed was saved which was nice.

For coloring these photos, I went with purple, with a blueish background to have a little bit of separation. I chose purple because I love things that match in photos, and with purple hair, having a overall purple color I felt was the way to go. Patricia’s skin color however, is a lot paler, and brighter because its skeleton makeup, and it’s dark beauty in it’s styling, so having pale skin complements the styling, where if I made it more natural/tan it would look weird and out of place to me, and would not fit the concept.



  • Always get rid of fly a ways, cross hairs, and and strands that are clearly not supposed to be there
  • Lighting in photos with black backgrounds is very important. Be sure to light your subject to convey the mood you want to convey, and that best shows off your subject, because boring lighting is a boring photo.
  • Artistic style is necessary, make the image you create represent who you are.


Corey Pollack Photography

Corey Pollack Photography

Corey Pollack Photography