So I decided that the best way to start of my Youtube channel was to go into the past.


I thought that doing a video showing my photos, and some backstory, from beginning to end would be a unique way of starting a Youtube channel. I haven’t seen any videos of photographers going back to the beginning and showing the “blunder years’ of their photography on Youtube, and the reason I am doing that is to show how much I have improved, and learned over the past seven years of my photography. That I haven’t stopped learning new things since I bought my first Nikon d3000 back in 2012. The video need up quite a bit longer than planned, so I split it up into three parts. 


Little backstory- I Bought my first camera in August 2012, which was a Nikon D3000 like I said above, went to school in September 2013 (though I got that wrong in the video) and graduated 2015, and have kept going ever since.


Part 1


Part 2

Part 3