Model- Talayna Ekelund

HMUA- Lida Shirzad

Dress- Michelle Bossert

Near the end of December I was brainstorming up a bunch of different ideas, because I felt like I wanted to do something awesome and captivating. Something that I haven’t done or seen before. One of those ideas was The Pyre Throne.

I had envisioned a throne made from large, dead trees and sticks, surrounded by fire, and as the idea become to form in my head, the throne itself started to look a lot like the Iron Throne from Game of Thrones. The design of The Iron Throne just worked really well with how I viewed my throne, and in terms of constructing it, this was the simplest way to make one, once I figured out how best to approach making it.

From Test Shoot 1
From Test shoot 2

The whole process took about two and a half months to do. I got sick with a cold a couple times so it forced me to post-pone, which did make it take longer than expected. Then on top of that February was -25 degrees Celsius for pretty much the whole month, and that slowed it down as well. I won’t go into much detail with building the throne, because I spent almost the whole time recording video which you can check out at the bottom!

The Rest Of The Photos

In case you’re wondering what it looks like after all the snow has melted. I might do something in the summer, once all the leaves and grass have come back to life.


Watch the whole process!