I have finally completed my timelapse video! For the past 2-3 months I have been shooting timelapses in my free time. I call it Alberta Adventure, and it really was that, an adventure. I captured around 40 timelapses in my adventure through Alberta, and I couldn’t fit every one into this new timelapse.

The Start

Edmonton River
My first timelapse of the season, The North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton

I started shooting in the beginning of June, and at that time, I had no plans to actually make another timelapse. The clouds on that day were really pretty, and I knew that I was in for a wicked sunset (which you can see near the end of the video). When I got home, I put it scene together, and that’s where I left it, with no intention of putting it up anywhere. Then after a couple days, we had some really great clouds near my place, so I rushed over to capture what I could (which was the clouds scene in the video just before the lightning) and again, never had plans to do anything with it. Looking at doing more video stuff, I was considering buying a drone to capture some video shots, but I wasn’t sure how much I was going to use it. So after debating for about a week and a half, it hit me, why not get a slider instead, and that’s when I decided to commit to the video.

The Adventure

The MAJOR challenge with timelapses is they are very weather dependent. It was quite tough to plan a trip, and get good weather, and get a good timelapse in just one day, knowing I may not be be able to shoot for a week or two. One thing I had going for me, was I planned to focus a little more on the details of the landscape then just all wide shots, to make is more interesting. So that offset the difficulty a little.

While I did shoot pretty much any potentially good opportunity over the whole three months, I had a few planned trips in mind. The locations I knew I wanted with how I visualized the video were Drumheller area, Cline River/Abraham Lake, and MacTaggert Sanctuary in the city of Edmonton. With those Locations in mind, my first planned trip was to Drumheller area.

The Alberta Badlands

Alberta has some unique landscape, and that was the point of creating this, so it makes sense I visit the badlands of Alberta. I drove about 4

Alberta Badlands
The First night in the badlands. Dry Island Buffalo Jump Park

hours the night before to capture the sunset over the location called Dry Island Buffalo Jump Provincial Park, and then the next day the real challenge began. Now, it is almost impossible for me to sleep in any place that isn’t my own bed, so the night before I might’ve gotten 2-3 hours of sleep, not to mention the bed was not very comfortable. So I woke up at 10am and started the day already half defeated, but surprisingly I was feeling pretty good. I don’t know what it was, but despite my awful night, my spirits were high, and I really needed that.

First stop was DIBJ Provincial Park again. After driving back to the location, I packed up all my stuff, and walked to find a good spot, and it was a warm 28 degree day. The toughest part about these locations was all the wind, and dust, something I am not accustomed to shooting in. The problem with the wind was it shook the slider, and that might not seem like a big deal, but in order to make a seamless video, there must be zero movement. The wind had never posed so much of a problem before, but it did and it was a lesson learned for sure. After Spending about 2-3 hours in DIBJ Park, I packed up all the gear and headed to Horsethief Canyon, spending the day hiking steep hills with 20-30 Pounds of equipment, and intense wind. I ended up going to Horsethief twice, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening with total time there being probably 4-5 hours, with a stop in Drumheller for food between the two visits. I ended up capturing about 9 Timelapses that day (about 5 of them were usable in the end) before driving back to my house, with me getting home at 2am.

The Making Of

With the other trips, I spent the downtime between locations, recording with my phone or Gopro and talking about my day etc. I turned them into a “making of” video below. I had to cut out quite a bit, otherwise I would have a 30-45 min video, which I felt was much too long, and I think the point still gets across.




I faced quite a few problems, many were my own fault because I was trying to keep track of so many things. One tiny thing would get missed  because of exhaustion/rushing or just because. So because of tiny mistakes, it created annoying problems I had to deal with. Not to mention the weather and mosquitoes, the adventure was a trial by fire in some cases.  In that time though, I am much improved for the experiences I had, and while there were some bad days, I think it was worth it to go through those challenges.