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The Pyre Throne

Model- Talayna Ekelund HMUA- Lida Shirzad Dress- Michelle Bossert Near the end of December I was brainstorming up a bunch of different ideas, because I […]

Corey Pollack Photography

Glamour Photography- Spooky Glamour

Model- Patricia Stables Makeup/concept- Nelly Just in time for Halloween. I shot some cool makeup with my friend Patricia that involved a lot of rhinestones […]

Edmonton Photography

Cosplay Photography- Pure Magic

Model/HMUA- Jean(Click) Pure Magic So I teamed up with Jean for some portrait work about a week ago, and now that it’s warm out I […]

Edmonton Photography

Edmonton Portrait- Walking in the sun

Model/HMUA- Kaitlyn Pollard I had been suffering from pretty low energy lately, and my shooting had gone full stop because of it. Because of this […]

Edmonton Cosplay photography

Dark Witch

Model- Rebecca -Aetherium Cosplay HMUA- Kyle Pollack Holy its been awhile since I have posted any new content! The reason why is sometimes it gets […]

Portrait- Kseniya Kapustsina

Model/HUMA- Kseniya Kapustsina   I first saw photos of Kseniya a long time ago, and thought to myself  “I gotta shoot with her”, but never did […]