Fstoppers critiques my photo, what’s my opinion?


So for the unaware, Fstoppers, which is a popular article/blog website, has a critiquing forum where the put up a theme and based on that theme people submit photos and of all the photos they pick 20 to critique.

I submitted one of my throne photos to be critiqued for the theme “Hot Lights” which is bright continuous lights, where is my case it was a little more literally. Now I’m writing this to give my opinion on their critique. 

Link to video- Link

Results Page – Link

Photo I submitted

So before I start, I submitted my photo, so obviously I was asking for it, so I am not upset about the critique, and I think it’s cool to be featured as one of their choices, so I thought it would be interesting to give my view on their view. Fstoppers has a rating system, between 1-5 stars, I got a 2 star from Patrick Hall which is a “needs work”, and a 3 star “Solid” from Lee Morris which total is lower then I was expecting, I was expecting 3-4 stars, but as a whole the community gave me 3 stars(2.98 with 85 votes to be exact) so that’s ok. I don’t receive a lot of constructive criticism, which in part of the fact I don’t ask for it, but also just don’t get it, but I have been trying to open up and let my stuff be judged because how can someone improve without the opinions of the audience you are shooting for? It is a tough thing to take something you worked really hard on, in any media, and put it out and say judge me then having your thing picked apart saying what is right/wrong. 

So what are their opinions? I’ll write them out and give my opinion if I agree or not.

1. They said I submitted to a previous critique with this photo, this was the first time I submitted so that is a bit confusing.

2. Patrick said that her face is the weakest part, and would like her chin to be raised a bit to see her jaw line. I don’t agree solely because the leaned back downward stare like she has, has a menacing quality to it. I mean, maybe she could raise it up a little bit, but for me, I think it is still good with her expression and everything, Ideally I wouldn’t mind seeing what it would look like to make a true judgment on which would be better, but it was such a rush shooting because we only had minutes before the fire died, there was no real time to stop and critique a photo during the shoot.

3. Lee said I should crop in a bit on the photo to make it more about her. This I agree with for the most part, I think in editing I played with the idea of cropping in, but if I did that, it would lose the fire, and hid some/most of the chair, and since that is a big part of it, didn’t make much sense to crop it off, but outside perspective it does make sense. 

 It was super neat to see my photo in their video, and usually they get 300+ photos so to get it picked, is defiantly lucky, but I was one of the very first to post and i knew that being one of the first, would give me better chances to be picked. All in all, I listened to their opinion, and I’m glad I got some feedback on what should be considered the next time I do something big.


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