Let’s talk about the changes.


Since I have started this website, it have gone through several changes. At first it was a place just to post photos of things I have shot, then it became more about showing how I shot a particular photo/idea. With that idea, I decided I wanted to make this more about teaching in general, and showing off how I did something, but with the change of less glamour/boudoir, and more general photography, and creative stuff. So I will be posting more various types of photography, because, I was feeling a bit limited doing solely boudoir etc. I also want to make this site a bit more PG-13, to appeal to a wider audience. That doesn’t mean I will stop doing glamour, and boudoir, but it means I will be going about it differently.

Along with changing up my boudoir posts, I am working on a YouTube channel, it’s still a work in progress, but I have lots of ideas I want to try for videos, as well as it gives me the ability to visually show how I’ve done something, then just explaining it through text in a post. I also want to do adventures to places and take video of what i’m doing, and then maybe some of the post production work.

I have plans for a store, for tutorials, Photoshop actions/brushes, and different resources for people, but that is in the early stages of planning.

I also have been wanting to do grander ideas, that can take months to prepare and create, that I can take time with and create something beyond just shooting a pretty person, I need the challenge of it.

Basically those are the changes, I’ve spent a few months playing with ideas, and how to approach what I want to do, and coming up with ideas, without getting to overwhelmed with it all. This is about giving me variety and options, and will be refreshing for me

Example of my youtube videos.

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