Models Chapin, Kelso


A little over a year ago, I decided to focus solely on doing boudoir or glamour photos, but recently I have had a change of heart and I’m feeling like focusing on more creative concepts, and portraits. 

This doesn’t mean I’ll never do Boudoir or Glamour again, I’m just going to keep that side as the business side of things, and in my free time (if I have any that is) to do more creative/fantasy things, because it is something I miss. If I spend too much time doing the same thing over and over, it becomes stale and then the work suffers. Another coming change is that I will be doing much less nude photos, implied’s will still be there, but I have always had a plan to turning this into more of a teaching platform, which means less adult content, or at the very least free adult content. Which brings me to my third change, at some point I’ll be starting a Patreon, and my plan to to have the more advanced/nude tutorials a paid subscription, while leaving the simpler tutorials for things like this blog and youtube. Now I have started on creating some Youtube tutorials, and content for that, which I’ll be posting here soon, but for the most part in the beginning it’s gonna be photoshop stuff then I’ll be looking at other content.

Change is not bad, it is growth, and it’s time for me to grow. 


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