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Book Covers and Art Info

Book Covers and Art Info

I create book covers, and custom work. Though I have just begun my artwork, I have spent 8 years learning photography, photoshop, and design. I’m experienced in many art styles and looks that can fit any authors vision, with specialty in fantasy, mystical, horror.

Pre-Made Book Cover Designs


If you are interested in one of my book cover designs, I can customize some of the features likePre-Made Book Cover By Corey Pollack

  • Font/Remove Font
  • Title
  • Colour
  • Placement of minor elements

Please note that not all designs are made the same, so not all elements can be changed without major changes, so extra fees may apply.

Prices for pre-made covers are listed under the photos, or you can Contact me to with which one you are interested in.

Custom Book Cover Designs

If you have a vision for a book cover, or a general idea, please Contact me and we can discuss your vision in more detail. All I would need is a general outline of your book like important moments and characters, significant locations. I would use this information to come up with a visual for the cover to best capture the feeling of your book. Once I have the general idea, of what you are looking for, I can quote you a price based on time and effort involved.

I then send you a basic design, and require a 50% non refundable deposit of the quoted price before I continue the work.


Art and Other Things

The art that I create can be used for other things as well, like prints, music album artwork, or movie posters. Please message me if you have other needs!