The Raw Elite is subscription based Glamour and Boudoir Photography/Videography service I have started to provide people with High-end, High Resolution photos. Think sexy magazine style Glamour shots, and intimately beautiful Boudoir Shots. If you are looking for sexy, beautiful, stylish photos, as well as videos, this is the place for you.

What is Provided 

  • High Resolution Photos
  • Videos shot, and edited by me, as well as music created by me
  • Behind the scenes of shoots/videos
  • Exclusive selfies taken by the ladies
  • Wallpapers

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Corey Pollack 02
Corey Pollack Photography (12)
Corey Pollack Photography (11)
Wonderless Sneak Preview
Corey Pollack Photography 5 (3)


Disclaimer- This is not porn, be Respectful. Any photos or videos posted here belong to me(Corey Pollack) and cannot be used in any manner of reproduction, or commercial use, with out written contract stating permission, agreements, and payment. This is for those who love beautiful woman, and beautiful photos.